Atmosphere Content Creation

I picture Atmosphere as an exploration in adventure from Canada’s East Coast to its West Coast. The goal was to capture the trails and conditions across Canada, thereby promoting the gear it takes to make it happen.

As Art Director, my role was to investigate the needs of the brand, to ensure the narrative was represented through the different seasonal purchasing considerations. Developing storyboards, pitching projects, working with stakeholders, coordinating with outside production teams, casting, scouting, and providing on-set guidance and direction were just some of the roles and responsibilities.

In an organization that required many hats to be worn, post photoshoot would also include image re-touching, developing content execution guides and working with production teams to produce outputs across different channels.

East Coast Photography Credits: Greg Locke | West Coast Photography Credits: John Price | BTS Video by Marshal Chupa

ClientAtmosphereServicesArt Direction + Content Creation + Graphic DesignYear2018-19

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